Designing a Cottage Garden Greenhouse

When you’re planning and designing a cottage garden greenhouse, there are a variety of factors to consider. We take a look at some of the key issues.

Greenhouse Style

One of the important elements of designing a cottage garden greenhouse is getting the right style. A modern or contemporary greenhouse may look great in the garden centre showroom or in somebody else’s garden, but if you’ve got your hopes set on achieving a cottage garden look, it doesn’t really fit with the style of a traditional country cottage garden.

When you’re researching the different greenhouse options available, it’s important to take the style into account. Think about what you’d like your greenhouse to look like, whether you’re planning on buying an off the shelf model or if you’re going to design and build it yourself.

In the case of a cottage garden greenhouse, then your style may well involve a faded or shabby chic style wooden frame, with traditional scented flowers trailing up the sides.

Greenhouse Size

In an ideal world you might love a huge greenhouse, but unless money is no object and space is unlimited, size is likely to be a key part of your design plans.

Budget may well play a role in your decisions about what size of greenhouse you can afford, as well as the space you have available to put your greenhouse. For cottage garden greenhouses, small can be beautiful and there’s no reason why a compact greenhouse can’t be just as productive as a large one.

It’s also useful to think about how you’d like to use your greenhouse and what types of plants you may be growing in it. If it’s simply a case of growing a few plants from seeds each year, or having a space in which to house some of your favourite plants, then you may not need heaps of extra space.

Greenhouse Layout

The ideal layout of your greenhouse goes hand-in-hand with the required size. Although it may seem like something you can sort out later, when you’re planning and creating a cottage garden greenhouse, it’s helpful to give thought to how you envisage the layout to be.

It may help to make a list of everything you’d like to put into the greenhouse, including the all important shelves, workbench and planting areas. If you’re a dab handy with a pen and paper, or can design a basic plan on the computer, then drawing out a plan of everything would go, and how much room they’re likely to take up, is very beneficial when you’re designing a new greenhouse.

Greenhouse Location

Another important issue to consider is where in your garden you’re going to put your new greenhouse.

Think about whether you want to be able to see your greenhouse from your home, whether you’d like it tucked away in a quiet corner and the facilities you’d need to access. For example, having an outdoor water tap located close by to the greenhouse is likely to prove very useful, especially for watering lots of plants.

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