Community Greenhouse Growing

Growing your own fruit, vegetables, flowers or other plants is an increasingly popular hobby. Contrary to popular belief, greenhouse growing needn’t be an isolated activity that you do on your own. In fact, community greenhouse growing can be both very sociable, help local projects and even raise funds. Here’s a guide to the benefits of community greenhouse growing and how to get involved.

The Benefits of Community Greenhouse Growing

There are many benefits to be had in getting involved with gardening and they’re enhanced when you’re gardening as a community. Growing and caring for plants, reaping the benefits of fully grown fruits and vegetables and sorting out unexpected problems that occur can all help bring people together. Successful community greenhouse growing involves teamwork, communication and cooperation – if you don’t get on well with other people, then it can be problematic.

Another major benefit of community greenhouse growing is the ability to share skills and learn from one another. In most community greenhouse growing groups there will be people who’ve been gardening for years and those who are only just starting out, plus people who’ve been doing it for a while. All of these groups of people can learn from each other – even the hardened gardeners – and it’s the perfect way of boosting skills and learning new ideas.

In addition, another great benefit of community greenhouse growing is the opportunities it can bring for fundraising. Many community gardening projects are self-funded and rely on fundraising efforts to keep them going. The advantage of growing plants, fruits, vegetables or flowers is that the end result can usually be sold, which brings in funds to help keep things going year after year.

Finding a Community Greenhouse Growing Group

If you’re interested in getting involved with a community greenhouse growing group, then in the first instance you’ll need to find out what’s available in your locale. Scour the local paper, ask at garden centres, search on local websites or notice boards and see if you can find details of any local community gardening projects.

If you don’t stumble upon anything, then consider writing in to your local newspaper, magazine or radio station, or posting information on an appropriate website, to ask if there’s anything currently in action. This will usually initiate a response if such a group exists. If it doesn’t appear to exist, then consider the possibility of setting one up yourself.

If you want to set a group up, then you’ll need access to a greenhouse and somewhere for the gardeners to gather, as well as all the essential gardening equipment. Sometimes greenhouses are let out for groups to use, whilst in other cases, members provide the greenhouse and gardening space. You’ll also need to consider what you want to grow and what your aims are for the group. Advertising locally should help bring in a few more volunteers and the group should grow from there.

Getting involved in community greenhouse growing can be very rewarding and it’s great to get together with other people who share the same passion for gardening as you do.

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