Storage Ideas for Your Greenhouse

Gardeners often find that over time they accumulate lots of materials, equipment, seeds and bulbs. Having somewhere to store it all, and know where it all is, helps enormously and can help your gardening be much more productive. We’ve got some ideas and inspiration for creative and practical storage ideas for your greenhouse.

As with any hobby, it doesn’t take long to gather up lots of essential bits and pieces that you need for greenhouse gardening. Be it plant pots, string, secateurs, trowels, spades, bags of fertiliser or gardening gloves, you’re likely to have a variety of gardening items that need a home.

Ensuring everything is handy for when you need it makes life a lot easier when you’re doing jobs in the greenhouse – it’s frustrating when you need some string, but can’t remember where you’ve put it. Getting organised and sorting out dedicated storage solutions solves this and ensures you always know where everything is.

One of the good things about greenhouse storage is that it needn’t be expensive. There are plenty of ways in which you can recycle, reuse and give new life to old items.

Creative Greenhouse Storage Ideas

The main idea with greenhouse storage is to provide you with some practical space for all your tools, materials, equipment or seeds. So first have a think about what you’d like to store, how much space you need and how much space you’ve actually got available.

One of the good things about greenhouse storage is that you don’t need to spend loads of money on it. Of course, if you have spare cash, then you can certainly invest in a good storage solution, but you can also easily make do with what you have available. For example, some old wooden crates, buckets, old clean paint tins, old washed out butter or margarine tubs, or baskets all work well for storing your essentials in and can easily be pushed under a potting table when not in use. Depending on where your greenhouse is located and the type of greenhouse you have, then a simple shelf can provide some useful storage. Cheap metal storage racks, which provide room for plant pots to go on, are also good and, if they have wheels, they can easily be moved around as you wish.

Recyled Furniture for Greenhouse Storage

An old chest of drawers could be brought out to your greenhouse and used in one corner. The drawers are perfect for storing small tools in, such as a dibber, plant labels, string, secateurs or a trowel, and would help prevent packets of seeds from getting damp or dried out. The top of the chest is perfect for giving you an extra surface to use, such as for when you’re planting seeds.

If you have a recycling centre nearby, any secondhand shops or can go to a car boot sale, then look out for any bargains that you can recycle and reuse as part of your greenhouse storage system.

Whatever items you do use to store your greenhouse essentials, ensure you’ve got a dedicated space in which to put them and know what is in each container. A simple sticky label on the front will ensure you know where to find everything when you need it.

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