Buying a Secondhand Greenhouse

If you’d like to own your own greenhouse, but can’t afford to buy one new, then buying a secondhand, previously owned greenhouse could be the perfect solution. But before you head off and buy the first one you see advertised, here are some practical tips and ideas to help you ensure you get a good deal and a good greenhouse.

For those don’t have the budget to buy a new greenhouse, then buying a secondhand greenhouse is the next best option. You can usually find greenhouses for sale in the usual secondhand listings – in your local paper, online, through local ad listings in shops, via word of mouth, through a gardening club or via your local garden centre.

A secondhand greenhouse can be just as good as brand new one, but there are a few issues you need to take into consideration when choosing and making your greenhouse purchase.

Greenhouse Size

When you’re buying secondhand, it’s important to be fully aware from the outset how much space you have available for your greenhouse and keep the measurements in mind when you’re assessing possible greenhouses to buy.

Seeing a greenhouse in a larger location can be deceptive, as it won’t necessarily fit so perfectly in your garden. Additionally, if the greenhouse has been dismantled and is already in pieces, it can be very hard to get an idea of the true size.

Greenhouse Condition

As with buying any secondhand item, the condition of a greenhouse is important. You probably want to buy a greenhouse that is still in reasonable condition, so that you’ll get many more years out of it. Just because it’s secondhand, you shouldn’t feel that you’re being ripped off with a greenhouse in below par condition.

Be extra careful when you’re purchasing a greenhouse that has already been dismantled, as it’s harder to see the condition of the whole building. Where possible check as many of the components and pieces as possible before committing to buy it.

Greenhouse Transportation

Another key issue to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a secondhand greenhouse is how you’re going to get it to your intended destination. It’s a very good idea to have arranged transport for your greenhouse before you actually start looking to buy one.

The size of the greenhouse matters too, as you need to ensure it will fit in the transport you have available. Most greenhouses will need to be dismantled before travelling, either in whole or part, so this will help, but it’s still extremely frustrating if you find the perfect greenhouse for your garden, then can’t get it home.

Greenhouse Construction

Finally, don’t forget to think about how you’re going to construct your greenhouse when you get back to your intended location. It’s unlikely to be a job that you can successfully do on your own, so you’ll have to enlist the help of a few willing volunteers.

Before you start construction, make sure you’ve got all the necessary equipment and materials to hand. It may also be necessary to level off the surface that you’re erecting it on.

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