Growing Flowers in Your Greenhouse

The design, structure and function of a greenhouse makes it the perfect place in which to grow flowers. Here are some tips and ideas for successfully growing flowers in your greenhouse.

For fans of growing flowers, whether in large or small quantities, having a greenhouse available in which to grow them can make the process so much easier. Growing flowers in your greenhouse can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, especially when you take care of flowers grown from seeds or cuttings and nourish them into becoming larger, established plants.

Even the most hardened greenhouse fruit or vegetable grower could find room to grow a few flowers too!

Growing Flowers From Seed in a Greenhouse

Flowers can be grown in a greenhouse in several ways, one of which is from seed. You don’t need masses of expensive equipment or specialist pots to do so – even the most basic of items is perfectly suitable to get you started and you can recycle and reuse any type of containers that you have available, such as small yogurt pots or paper pots made from recycled newspaper.

Depending on what type of flowers you’re growing, seeds can be planted in a greenhouse most of the year – just remember to check your seed packets for all instructions and growing guides. Seeds can be planted in trays and kept on shelves in your greenhouse until the seedling start to appear and grow bigger, or you could plant them in large pots or directly into a grow bed set up in your greenhouse.

Growing Flowers From Cuttings

Some flowers can also be successfully grown in a greenhouse as a result of cuttings. Cuttings can be taken from flowers you already have growing, so that you can add more of them to your collection, sell them or give them away. Friends or acquaintances may also give you cuttings of flowers they know you love.

Whilst it may be tempting to take cuttings from plants you see whilst out and about, or visiting historical gardens, it’s never acceptable to take a cutting without first asking permission.

If you have a workbench or potting table set up in your greenhouse, then it’s the ideal place to take cuttings. The cuttings can be carefully kept in small containers in your greenhouse whilst they take hold and grow, then replanted into bigger pots as they become more established. The resulting larger flowers could then be kept growing in your greenhouse, or taken outside to become established in your garden.

Greenhouse Flower Growing Experiments

If you’re not sure which variety of flower grows best, or which conditions are right for each type, then a greenhouse is a good place to carry out controlled experiments to see what works best for you. There’s often more space available to leave trays of growing seeds and more opportunities to set up small experiments involving water, light and different soil.

Your greenhouse is also a good place for storing flower seeds that you collect from your own plants at the end of the season. Usually they need to be kept in a cool, dry place and a paper bag stored carefully in your greenhouse is often the perfect place. Remember to label the bag so you know exactly what the seeds are when you come to plant them again next year.

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