Organising the Inside of Your Greenhouse

An organised greenhouse is a productive greenhouse! But as we all know, it’s sometimes easier said than done. If you’re trying to get your greenhouse tidy and organised, then here are some ideas to help you.

How organised is your greenhouse and do you know where everything is kept? If it’s currently not that organised, and you couldn’t easily find everything you need in a few seconds, then don’t panic. Even the must untidy and disorganised greenhouse can be transformed into a functional, practical and organised space, with a little bit of imagination and planning.

There are definite benefits of being organised. It helps you know where everything is stored in your greenhouse, can make life a lot easier and help make your gardening more fruitful. With a bit of careful thought, planning and good storage solutions, you can get all your key equipment and materials properly organised and arranged in your greenhouse.

Creating Organisational Zones in Your Greenhouse

In order to get the inside of your greenhouse organised and functional, it’s helpful to split the interior area into zones. You don’t have to do this physically – to start with it can be helpful to draw it out as a diagram. Think about the main areas you’d like to have in your greenhouse, such as main planting area, a tool storage area, a worktop area for potting or taking cuttings, and perhaps an area for storing plant feed or watering equipment.

Once you’ve got your zones established, think about which would work best in which areas of your greenhouse. For example, you may like to keep the watering and feeding equipment near the door, so that you can take a watering can out easily in order to fill it from an outside tap.

Even if you only have a small greenhouse, you can still split it into zones, although you may only be able to accommodate two or three areas or double up to maximise the space. If you have a potting and cuttings table, then you may be able to assign a zone underneath it for storing essential plant pots or equipment, leaving plenty of room left for actual planting areas.

Putting Your Plans Into Action

Once you’ve established the organisational zones you’d like to create in your greenhouse, it’s time to actually put your plans into action. Where possible, it can be easier to move out the bulk of the contents of your greenhouse so that you can then put it back in its new position. However, if you’ve already got extensive planting going on inside, then try and work around this, as it may not be wise to disturb your plants.

You may also need to think about any other items you need to buy to effectively put your greenhouse organisation plans into action. For example, if you don’t have a potting area, then now may be a good time to acquire a small table or chest of drawers on which to do your potting. A table certainly doesn’t have to be new – secondhand furniture works extremely well for this sort of purpose.

In the process of sorting out and arranging your space, if you find clutter or items you don’t need, then take the plunge and throw them out! Having a tidy space really is conducive to successful greenhouse gardening.

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