How to Save Money by Growing Your Own Produce

There are many benefits to be had from getting your hands dirty and having a go at growing your own produce. It’s great to be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables at home, helps introduce you to new varieties and, best of all, can save you a lot of money on your usual grocery and supermarket bills.

Why Grow Fruits and Vegetables?

If you’ve not yet got the greenhouse gardening bug and haven’t tried your hand at growing your own fresh produce, it’s well worth giving it consideration.

Growing your own produce can be very rewarding and it’s great to be able to reap the benefits of your effort when you harvest your fruits or vegetables and bring them into the kitchen to cook or eat. Of course, you do need to invest time and effort into the growing process, but it can easily be fitted around the time you have available and growing in a greenhouse at home is very convenient.

If you’re worried about buying fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with chemicals, then you can easily ensure that you grow everything organically if you wish, as you’re in control of the growing process.

How Much Money Can You Save?

If saving money and cutting your usual grocery and supermarket bills is a big concern, then growing your own produce is a great way of saving money.

For new gardeners, you may want to start off by buying small plant seedlings or plug plants. These are plants that have already been grown, but are still small, and will need care and attention to continue growing them. They’re widely available in garden centres, but to save even more money, look out for seedlings for sale in local markets, car boot sales or plant fairs, as they’re likely to be cheaper.

If you start growing produce by seed, then the savings can be immense. Depending on the type of vegetable or fruit that you want to grow, an average packet of seeds can cost less than £1. The number of seeds in the packet will vary depending on the type of plant they’re for, but one packet for seeds can produce numerous plants.

Whether you’ve bought seedlings or grown your plants from seeds, each plant can produce numerous fruits or vegetables. When you look at the price of fresh produce in the shops, the savings you’re making become more evident.

Save More Money by Swapping Plants

Once you’ve got established with growing your own plants, you may well find that you have more of some seedlings than you need. For example, if you’ve got loads of courgette plants all doing well, you may not want to plant them all out as you could end up with a glut of courgettes.

Rather than wasting the plants, one good way of making the most of them, and of continuing to save money, is to find other gardeners to swap them with. Swapping your excess courgette plants with another gardeners tomato plants helps you get the variety of plants and vegetables you need, whilst still saving money.

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