Greenhouse Cleaning Tips

The inside and outside of a well used greenhouse invariably gets dirty and messy. Whilst some degree of dirt can only be expected in such an outdoor working environment, it’s a good idea to keep on top of keeping your greenhouse clean. Here are some greenhouse cleaning tips.

Why Keep Your Greenhouse Clean?

Some people might argue that as a greenhouse is outside and a place where you’re frequently potting up seedlings, growing plants and dealing with soil and compost, it doesn’t matter if it gets dirty.

It’s certainly the case that some dirt is only to be expected, but there are good reasons for keeping your greenhouse clean and tidy, inside and out. To start with, it can make things a lot more pleasant for you if you’re not constantly standing in dead leaves, spilt soil or muddy patches on the floor and can make being in your greenhouse a better experience.

If you can see out of the glass panes, you can enjoy the views from the rest of your garden, or enjoy seeing the sun streaming in during the spring or summer months – it’s not such fun not being able to see out at all and can make the inside of your greenhouse much more gloomy.

From a plant health and wellness point of view, if you’ve had a previous insect invasion or unwanted visitors on your plants, brushing out the floor, cleaning off old pots and planters and wiping down your workspace can help eradicate any traces of bugs and insects, plus any extra eggs they may have laid.

Tips For Cleaning The Inside Of Your Greenhouse

Although it may seem a bit of a bother, setting aside regular time to clean the inside of your greenhouse can be well worth it.

If you keep a sweeping brush and dustpan and brush inside your greenhouse, or nearby with easy access, you can easily sweep up any debris as it occurs. When you do sweep the floor, do try and get into the nooks and crannies on some occasions, so that you can sweep and clean out and dust and dirt that may be hidden from view.

Spiders, flies and other insects are naturally attracted to a greenhouse, especially when there’s easy access through an open door. So look for spiders webs and clear out the debris from any dead insects. If you’re not averse to using chemical sprays, then a fly spray may be worth using to get rid of a big invasion of pesky flies.

When the weather is bad and you’re dealing with lots of soil and compost, it’s not unusual for bits to get spilled and end up in a muddy pile on the floor. Dry mud can sometimes be easier to clean up, but don’t overlook it and leave it uncleaned, as once it rains again, it could turn back into a slippery mess!

Tips For Cleaning The Outside Of Your Greenhouse

The outside of your greenhouse doesn’t necessarily have to be cleaned as often as the inside, but it’s a good idea to ensure that the glass panes are clean so that your plants can get the full benefit of heat and light coming through them.

Cleaning the glass regularly makes it much easier to remove any dirt or stains, as ground-in stains can prove more stubborn. Use a long-handled brush, a bucket of soapy water and some spray-on glass cleaner for the best effect.

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