Using a Mini Pop-up Greenhouse

There are lots of small, mini pop-up greenhouses available to buy these days, but are they any use to gardeners? We explore the benefits of using mini greenhouses and look at some of the issues to be aware of when growing plants in them.

What Is A Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse?

As the name suggests, mini greenhouses are small in size and are designed to be put together really simply and easily for use in your garden. Normally made from hard wearing PVC material that is zipped together, they’re available in various sizes, from small tabletop options, to three or four tier patio designs.

The mini pop-up greenhouses are designed to mimic the conditions of a proper greenhouse, providing a safe area in which you can grow plants, sheltering them from the outdoor elements and ensuring that heat and moisture is kept inside.

Why Use A Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse?

If you’re a keen gardener, but haven’t got enough space in your garden to accommodate a full size greenhouse, then you may be tempted to investigate the benefits of mini pop-up greenhouses. They certainly do have their benefits and, for those without the full facilities of a large greenhouse, then they are a useful tool to have.

It’s not only gardeners without greenhouses who can benefit though. For those who’d like an extra bit of growing space, or want to have somewhere to put extra seedlings, then mini greenhouses can be very useful.

Where To Put A Mini Greenhouse

Mini greenhouses are usually made from relatively hard-wearing materials, but you do need to bear in mind that they can’t necessarily withstand the full force of the natural elements. For example, some models are quite lightweight, so may be prone to blowing over in strong wind. So, if you’re using a mini greenhouse, especially one with several shelves in it, think carefully about the location so that your plants remain as safe as possible at all times:

  • Rather than putting it in an exposed area of your garden where it could blow over, try and choose a position next to a wall or fence
  • For extra support, you could position other containers on either side. It should offer easy access for you, as you’ll want to be able to easily use it and tend your plants

What Can You Grow In A Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse?

The majority of mini greenhouses offer the perfect place for you to grow small seedlings or cuttings. If you’ve planted lots of vegetable seeds, for example, then it’s a useful place for getting all your seeds started off, or for moving small plants into once the seeds have germinated.

In the case of some of the smaller pop-up greenhouses that come in one piece without inner shelves, you can use the space to help protect delicate plants during the winter months – a bit like you’d use a cloche – so that they don’t get hit by the frost or cold.

When all your seedlings and plants have grown and been planted out, the mini greenhouse is also a handy place to store your gardening essentials, such as a supplies of pots, string and plant markers.

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